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February 8, 2016

“Why did you go to study in a “Hogeschool”? Isn’t that like a second class higher education?”

In my practice as consultant I now and then get questions about the Dutch educational system. Therefore I thought to write it down to be of help to those who try to understand the rationale behind this rather complex system. As I did not want to invent the wheel I searched online and found a nice article written by Irene Panuju on the blog „Indonesia Meng Global” and used that as the basis for an article that you can download HERE in the hope that it helps people from abroad to understand the complexity but also the logic behind the Dutch System. In the end it is not about whether the Dutch system is of lesser or higher quality but how to get there where you want to be in life after you study in The Netherlands.

Myself, I took my studies at the Sociale Academy in Eindhoven with a follow-up at the Technische Hogeschool where I took my AMBI studies. This was at a time that regular education in Informatics did not exist yet and only the first computers entered the educational system in 1984. As the pioneers of an „information society” as we called it then, we really had to invent the wheel. Our first mission was to educate our colleagues to use a computer and discuss how it could help students in their education and later, their profession. Read more about my early IT experiences on my blog under History.