European Commission confirms my thesis

In my continuing fights to save the Grethe Witting and to defend my rights as Dutch owner of a Dutch Seagoing vessel that landed in Romania, I had  today a long talk with the European Commission in Brussels. The European Commission – Department of Maritime Affairs – confirmed that Romania never could have sold the registered sea going vessel by auction without a Dutch Court order, something that in the end led to the sinking of the Tall Ship Grethe Witting. A concatenation of errors, mistakes and incompetency.  Incompetency above all because the Romanian Court simply was and is not competent. Like me, they were surprised that a Romanian court wanted to rule on a case regarding a Dutch vessel, Owned by a Dutch citizen that has a Dutch Mortgage agreement concluded by a Dutch Notary and registered in the Dutch Mortgage Register for Dutch Vessels with a Dutch Financer.

We now proceed to the European Commissioner for Justice who hopefully can help us further


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