Historical vessel still under water due to ongoing legal fights

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5 Responses to “Historical vessel still under water due to ongoing legal fights”

  1. New Blog for Grethe Witting « Markus' Weblog Says:

    […] Historical vessel still under water due to ongoing legal fights […]

  2. Annette Colby Lindeman Says:

    Who do we have to contact and how do we get her afloat. My grandfather would be livid if he were alive so it is time for his descendents to do something to ensure that his love of ship building and attention to small details are not lost in some Romanian port

    • markusvrieling Says:

      Dear Annette,

      Are you the grand daughter of THE COLBY, the builders of the Grethe Witting? (Norfolk Suffling) You wrote to the right blog as I am the (current) official owner. What we need right now is publicity. If you read this blog and http://grethewittingnews.wordpress.com/ then you will understand that this is all about violations of rights and no heart at all for an almost 100 years old ship. We are now in court, the Supreme Court of Romania and in the meantime we try to convince the authorities to lift her. I do not have the authority right now as the court ruled that the ship has a new owner. That owner disappeared and let her sink and down in the harbour from 1st October 2009. What we need is publicity, as I was told by the EU department of Maritime Affairs and Fishery. They confirmed that this is not possible according to EU Law but advised to seek publicity to make the Romanian Authorities move. All help is welcome when it comes to publicity. The legal part is more or less taken care of but that tales time and we need her to be on shore for repairs. Feel free to contact me: markus.vrieling@gmail.com Thanks for your comment

  3. Annette Colby Lindeman Says:

    Yes I am the grand daughter of Edward Colby. He and his brother John were owners and builders of the Norford Suffling. Who is now the legal owner and who do we contact to get her raised and into dry dock for repair.

  4. Markus Says:

    Hi Annette,

    Well that will be me then if it was not that the whole situation started because of the fact that the ship was illegally seized in Romania. We are now fighting against that. It is a long story and you can find most on the blogs you already accessed. As soon as the Romanian High Court made it clear (or maybe European Court if they don’t) then we can move on. In the meantime we consider a quick procedure to force the authorities to lift the ship.

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