Artist Painter Gerriet Postma Died at the age of 76




GRONINGEN – Artist painter Gerriet Postma died last Friday the 27th of February 2009, after being ill for a long time. The artist painter had international audience with his expressionistic style.He was living at the Noorderhaven where I also had our ship the ‘Havornen’ moored and while walking along the harbor I looked into his workshop many times.Together with Kars Thaden, Gerriet Postma formed for me the artistic landscpae of one of the last strongholds  of free life in the Netherlands. Gerriet choose to live on shore while others, like Jan Veldhuis and Riny Bus as well as my ex-wife Gabriele van Emmerik, choose to live on board of a ship and practice there the art or arts, each with their own style and environment. AskART Artist 

Auction House Records.


Gerriet schuwde niet om ambitieuze projecten aan te pakken zoals:

Gerriet Postma

Klipper Anna


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More works of Gerriet Postma Online:


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2 Responses to “Artist Painter Gerriet Postma Died at the age of 76”

  1. bart van der schueren Says:

    Great Artist

  2. norma mendes Says:

    Great, great artist. Sorry he died.

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