Organizing Ratelband Seminars In Romania

Much of my time now goes to organizing the visit of Emile Ratelband to Romania. The ship ‘Grethe Witting‘ is prepared for the winter, all sails down and packed. So focus on the winter activities. I joined my friend Dan Aiacoboae – yes it not so easy to spell  his last name but just let come out and you will see it has a sound – in business with hqMedia, a PR company based in Bacau, Romania. 

But I was writing about Emile Ratelband, the NLP motivator; coach and entert(r)ainer; the Tsjakkaa man. We now prepare his visits to Romania. For this I will go to Holland for a preperatory meeting. We choose Groningen as that is not only my home town but also Emile seems to have there some links. So if you see us walking through Groningen together you know why: Emile Ratelband goes Romania!

We plan the first try-out seminar in Bucharest on 22nd of January 2009 in Hilton, Athenee Palace, Bucharest. This will be the introduction of the Ratelband NLP approach to Romania and the Romanians. Well, to be honest, we need some Tjsakkaa here, and this goes back for me many years. I remember walking with Mihai Negroiu, his cousin and friends through the city of Oradea in 1994. We talked about Romania and what the future will bring. They were all quite passive, so at a certain moment I said to the group, TSJAKKAA, emphasizing on the fact that they have the future and just need to say to themselves I CAN DO IT. Next time i came back my friends were saying tsjakkaa but the energy was still missing. So I wanna make up, taking Emile Ratelband to Romania and let my friends say again ‘TSJAKKAA’ but now properly coached by a professional, the master in NLP. Only just  now Romania is open to such initiatives we believe as NLP just started to enter on the Romania market.

So if you wanna join the first seminar ever of Emile Ratelband in Romania, call me: +40 730 419 300 or reserve your seat: ratelband @


You can write  me too: markus.vrieling @


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