Autism in Romania

Roxana Tampu is Psychopedagog in Bacau, Romania and treats children with Autism (or ASD). This is not an easy task and it requires a lot of patience if you work with an autistic child. Parents that discover that their child is autistic will see that from that moment on their life will be never the same anymore. On the website of Roxana you can see some video’s that are published on You Tube by parents. You realize what it means to be a parent of an autistic child when you look at the video that the father of Quinn made.

Parents in Romania with an autistic child have an extra problem: they have to work with authorities that are  not even aware of the seriousness of the problem. Look what Carmen Gherca wrote:

Autistic children invisible for the Romanian Authorities (in Romanian)

Carmen is the mother of an Autistic child and also  presedint of Asociatiei Nationale pentru Copii si Adulti cu Autism din Romania (ANCAAR).

Exact numbers of autistic children in Romania cannot be given as there are no statistics about it. The ratio of children with Autism is known as 1 out of 166. This is an average statistic number world wide. It is believed that the number in Romania might be even higher.

One of the problems in Romania is the moment when autism is first diagnosed with a child; “So, for example, many children have learning disabilities, they are not diagnosed until the children get to school, can we identify those children even earlier, even for infancy because they have memory problems?” says Prof. Nelson in an interview about the Romanian situation when he visited Romania in 2006.

Roxana is one of the few therapists in Bacau.  She treats children on a daily basis. Some only in the weekend, some everyday. Although specialists say that an autistic child needs daily hours of teaching, for many parents and their child this is simply not possible in Romania and what Roxana does for the parents and children is for them the best they can do.

My friend Andre Muit runs the Bacau based institute Betania, an institute for autistic children. His institute provides a day care for autistic children. This centre has over a hundred children every day that receive a proper teaching. However, the capacity is limited and not every autistic child in Bacau has the luck to go there. First of all the parents need to see the necessity, secondly the child cannot stay in Betania for all the school years as well as the fact that there is a limited capacity. For a city like Bacau it  means that there must be at least 1100 children with a serious ASD of which Betania treats only around 200. The rest of the children and their parents depend on people like Roxana.

See her blog and read more about Autism, Roxana and her work:


Organizations for autism in Romania:

Autism Romania – Association of Parents of Children with Autism
Postal address: OP9 CP95 Bucharest 
Phone: 40 21 424 7388
Fax: 40 21 230 3614
Email: or 

Asociatia Romana pentru Copli Autisti (ARCA)
Phone: 40-31-4493-4711


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  1. Prem Says:

    I am working in Canberra, Australia. I am an Indian diplomat. My 9 year old son has autism. I will be completing my tenure in September 2009. Can you please give names of institution(s) in Bucharest where treatment of autism is existing. Thanks and regards,


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